You have the best crows feet!

Smile lines“You have the best crow’s feet!”

Not what you typically hear from your friends. The friend who exclaimed this, oh so purely and honestly, was a 20 something Yoga buddy from my Yoga Teacher Training. Seeing the look on my face, I think he realized that this took me a bit off guard. He continued to say, “Your crow’s feet are your smile lines, each time you smile your eyes smile with them”. We laughed. As I laughed I thought, there I go, etching another smile into the frame surrounding my eyes.

This morning, as I applied eye serum, to soften fine lines around the eyes, I smiled at this memory. Then I realized that I also have these super cool wisdom lines. Wisdom lines are the fine lines that swoop up from my eyelids to my eyebrows. I’m not sure if I made this term up or if I heard it somewhere, but I remember thinking that these were cool and beautiful on my friends who were older. And now, there they are, feathering up to my eyebrows.

My face telling the story of my life. A life filled with joy, and many, many moments that caused me to smile. A seeker of wisdom, I love learning, studying and sharing sage advice to bring unity, empowerment, a deeper sense of self and self-love.

Another dear friend of mine was talking about the lines she is beginning to see around her lips. She said it’s because she’s a kisser, always kissing her girls, her hubby, and loved ones. Look, she said and puckers up to show me the exaggerated lines. Well, of course you’ll see them if you pucker up, we can’t help but laugh, and those fine lines disappear into a smile. I guess I’m a bit of a kisser too as I’m starting to notice those fine lines. What shall we call them, love-bug lines? If I think about those lines as a remembrance of all of the embraces over the years of my loved ones, I’ll take them and however many more are to come.

Love your face; love-bug lines, smile lines, wisdom lines, and all. I’ll continue to use potions to soften the lines, but I won’t be upset about the lines setting in as they will serve as reminder of all that has become a part of me.