The Nia Technique

costa Rica head shotNia LogoWhat is Nia?

Nia is the art of movement the body’s way.

Nia is a cardio-dance workout, a movement practice, and lifestyle based on the intelligent design of the body.

Nia Workout

Nia tones your mind and tunes your body. Each workout brings mindfulness to your dance movement experience leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.

Nia cardio-dance workouts combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to get you fit in 60 minutes – body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Nia is practiced barefoot, non-impact, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities.

A bit about Edie’s Nia practice….

I was diagnosed with congenital hip displaysia at the age of 27. Not wanting to take pain medication for the chronic pain, I sought out alternative healing modalities and was fortunate to meet a physical therapist who specialized in working with dancers. She introduced me to Pilates and Yoga.  These two forms helped me to strengthen and stretch my body, learning ways to manage the pain and maintain my range of motion.

In the summer of 2003 I moved from NYC to La Jolla, CA. I discovered The Nia Technique that summer at a small fitness studio near my home. I began practicing Nia, a mind body spirit movement practice that taught me how to move fluidly through life, truly focusing on the joy of movement. It was a great opportunity for me to train my mind and body to move with dynamic ease rather than pain. At the age of 34 I finally made the decision to have two total hip replacements. Nia helped me fully integrate my new hips into my body, I relearned how to trust my legs, and for the first time moved without pain. The non-judgmental environment of the Nia classes allowed me the time and space to teach myself how to move with grace, strength and ease.

Nerve damage to my deep peroneal nerve during my first hip replacement resulted in my left calf and foot being paralyzed.  Waking up to learn that I could not move my leg from the knee down was an incredibly surreal experience. I was fortunate that the nerve began to wake up and is regenerating. For the first year, as I regained strength in the leg and foot, I danced with sneakers and my brace on. Nia classes again provided me a supportive environment to learn and grow and most importantly, be in my body’s way.

In December 2007, I completed my White Belt Nia Teacher Training program at Nia Headquarters in Portland, OR. I have been sharing Nia with students in San Diego, New York, Costa Rica and now Modesto, CA, since my certification.

The Joy of Movement. Truly it is something every person can experience in their own way. I strive to teach classes that allow each attendee to feel honored and respected as they find their own grace and ease. Nia believes every person can discover, explore, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a healthy and meaningful life by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies.

I look forward to sharing the joy of Nia with you! I am honored to be teaching Nia at the Village Yoga Center and NTouch BodyWork & Healing Arts in Modesto, CA.

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