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jen and mark (2)I am excited to meet and work with couples and individuals in Northern California.

As an Ordained Interfaith Minister, I specialize in creating ceremonies honoring all faiths, traditions and am thrilled to be able to support all couples in marriage, via non-denominational ceremonies, vow renewals, same-sex marriages, commitment ceremonies and more.

Beauty and truth live in each individual’s belief system. I have been honored to Officiate ceremonies celebrating Christianity and Judaism, have incorporated a Celtic Hand-fasting ritual for a couple whose tradition is steeped in more earth based spirituality. I worked with one couple to create a planting ceremony to celebrate their shared love of gardening, the seeds representing the limitless possibility of what is to come, the plant serving as a reminder that they must nourish and nurture one another through the years so that their union will grow and flourish.   Kim and Yao wedding



As couples join together for a second marriage, children are often involved. I have been thrilled to create ceremonies honoring and blessing the new family unit. Crafted to unite children and the parents, the newlyweds stating a commitment to the children welcoming them into their family and uniting as one.




In many respects our friends are our families. I make sure that those who are offering readings and participating in the ceremony feel supported and comfortable with their part of the celebration.

Making a commitment to another individual, to share your life with that person, to love and trust and be open to experiencing all of life with your beloved is an exciting and momentous time.Karl Strauss Brewery Wedding Ceremony

I look forward to sharing in this special occasion with you. Please feel free to contact me at reverendedie@gmail.com to schedule a time to speak.



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