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Reverend Edie lives and works in Northern California. She Officiates ceremonies throughout the Bay Area. 

Beauty and truth live in each individual’s belief system. Edie has been honored to Officiate ceremonies incorporating Christianity and Judaism,  a Celtic Hand-fasting ritual for a couple whose tradition is steeped in more earth based spirituality, and same sex marriages.  As couples join together for a second marriage, children are often involved. She has been thrilled to create ceremonies honoring and blessing the new family unit. Crafted to unite children and the parents, the newlyweds stating a commitment to the children welcoming them into their family and uniting as one.


Making a commitment to another individual, to share your life with that person, to love and trust and be open to experiencing all of life with your beloved is an exciting and momentous time.

Reverend Edie looks forward to sharing in this special occasion with you. For more information, please email.

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