Scents in the air

As I left my home this morning, the smell of roses and manure mixed in the air. My first thought, wow, what an interesting combination. In a weird way, and I know I’m going to seem gross right now, it wasn’t unpleasant. The wind moving quick enough that the scent didn’t linger, it merely whirled around, offering wafts of each scent. As I got in my car, it occurred to me that the roses must be blooming right now, and a lot of them, for the scent to carry that way. And the scent of the manure, well, I’ve been thinking a lot about agriculture and all that is involved in producing the fruits, vegetable, nuts, meats, cheeses, the food that if we are fortunate enough, enjoy each day. The manure was a reminder of the efforts to produce the foods that grace our table. All of these thoughts swirling around my mind as I drove to teach a Yoga class, and as I pulled in the parking lot and got out of my car, the scent of jasmine. One of my favorites, I always consider it a blessing to smell. And I walked into the studio, where I am fortunate to share my love of Yoga, I felt incredibly loved, inspired and grateful to be leading this life where there is so much abundance surrounding us each day, offering the opportunity to open to new possibilities if we allow ourselves experience it.