What is Journey for Joy?

Journey for Joy is an expression of my heart’s passion. It combines three disciplines that I have been honored and privileged to study and I am committed to continuing to study; The Nia Technique, Intuitive  Energetic Work and Interfaith Ministry. Journey for Joy is about exploring the connectivity between all beings and the world that we inhabit through dance, meditation, celebrating life’s moments and connecting to the Universal Source. It is being open to life and what is encountered along the way, approaching the beauty of life and the perceived challenges with courage, passion, peace, love and joy.  Through the practice and study of these three mind, body, spirit modalities, I have found ways of opening to new pathways of understanding and new ways of being. This allows for a deeper connection and conversation with myself and others which leads to a more balanced and peaceful way of being. I feel blessed to be able to share these practices with you. Experiencing the joy of the dance of life with my friends and clients is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.